What is the purpose of editing?

The general idea behind editing in narrative cinema is the coordination of one shot with another to create a coherent, artistically pleasing and meaningful whole. The editing system used in narrative cinema is called continuous editing; its purpose is to create and provide efficient and functional transitions. Activate your 14-day free trial to unlock unlimited reading. Activate your 14-day free trial to keep reading.

Film editing is both a creative and technical part of the post-production process of filmmaking. The term is derived from the traditional process of working with films, which increasingly involves the use of digital technology. Very good post about the purpose of video editingThanks for shareIn Job Lamp you can hire the best video editor Job Lamp. Visit your business and business video and increase traffic to your website: Purpose of video editing.

This editing technique can be used for almost any purpose, from a scare of terror to a comic auction. But to understand everything else that editing entails, how publishers themselves and how they collaborate with others, you need to understand the basic answer to “what is film editing?” Let's take a look back at those early days to see where and how the purpose of film publishing really flourished.

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